Facts about Norway and wine

The Big Picture In Norway

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We offer a complete overview of the the Norwegian marked. We include persongallery, importergallery, pressgallery and detailed salesinformation for a better understanding of the Norwegian marked.

The marked

The Norwegian retail market for alcoholic beverages is controlled by a state monopoly. Wine and other alcoholic beverages above 4.75 per cent in alcohol content can only be bought in special government stores called The Wine Monopoly (Vinmonopolet in Norwegian) or consumed in hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, or catering firms, the so-called HORECA channel. There are historical reasons behind the establishment of the alcohol monopoly. In the 19th century, Norway faced major alcohol problems, and in 1921 the sale of alcohol was forbidden as the outcome of a referendum. The monopoly was established in 1922 and the ban was lifted, first for wine and later for spirits. Sales of alcohol are regulated by the Alcohol Act, which was passed in 1927, modified in 1986, and modified again in the 1990s after the Norwegian membership in the European Economic Area (EEA). The main purpose of the monopoly has, however, always been to limit consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The role of the press

Prohibition of alcohol. It is not allowed to marketing alcoholic beverages to consumers by law. Wine sales are influenced by the judgement of wine critics. Norwegian newspapers regularly publish reviews of new wines introduced in the market, and these reviews influence consumer preferences and demand. Another important marketing strategy for importers is to organization tasting sessions for wine supply chain observers and journalists. Tasting sessions are also arranged for members of wine club to educate them about wine.

Winejournalists in Norway

Our Toplist is based over how many readers they have and the influence we think they have in the marked.
We also offer a complete and updated version with all contact information of everyone with influence in the marked.

1. Mr.Arne Ronold MW
- Editor of Vinforum since 1986 - Nestor in the Norwegian marked.
2. Ms.Merete Bø
- Winejournalist in Dagens Næringsliv since 2008 - Important winejournalist in Norway.
3. Ms.Ingvild Tennfjord
- Winejournalist in Aftenposten since 2012 - Most readers.
4. Mr.Svein Lindin
- Winejournalist in Finansavisen and Kapital - Writes articles and give winelectures full time.
5. Ms.Aase Jacobsen
- Editor / Winejournalist i Aperitif since 2002 - Nestor in the Norwegian marked.
6.Mrs Sara Dæscher
- Winejournalist i Verdens Gang since 2022 - Culumm every week.
7.Ms.Liora Levi
- Winejournalist TV2 since 2013.